The Car Wash Song! and a lesson learned!

The day before a big road trip to Northern California, my girls decided to wash my car. It was a gorgeous, sunny day here in Los Osos so the plan was a go and marked one item off our summer fun list! They decided they would take care of everything, and I could go on working and preparing for our trip. Well, in a series of what is to be considered, stalls, they finally got to the car washing part. But first they couldn’t find the sponges, then they couldn’t find the soap or the bucket! But eventually, all the tools were ready. And while I was frantic about the day getting away from me, my youngest daughter decided a song was in order.
The Car Wash Song

This made all the interruptions worth while….and made me realize……..the process is half the progress….so enjoy the process!!!!!! Take note and enjoy your process!

I welcome your comments!

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