The Day

My eyes are heavy with tears from the day. The news was unreal, yet they were real. And then came the thoughts of fear for my own and not knowing. Even though we are hundreds of miles away, it could happen anywhere, anytime. I feel a kinship in the air as prayers and thoughts of healing are heading to that small school. But that won’t bring those kids and people back.

All I can do is ask the questions and hope. Hope for a world with out this kind of senseless agony.Hope for healing from such a loss…

Trevis shared the news with me this am, and from there is was everywhere. When he came home he put on this wonderful remake of Silent Night by Michele Moyer. It is amazing and again….I was brought to tears. I was reminded on facebook of the war that rages on all over the world…where countless murders go untold. And again, I listened to the song.

I consider myself a spiritual person, not necessarily religious, but I do believe in the power of words, and thoughts and emotions that move us to take action…to take notice…to take time…to pray, heal, and live.

All this on the eve of my 43rd birthday. I’m feeling my body needing a break…needing some time to recover…and find time to rejoice… humbled by where I am, and with whom I’m with.

I share with you the first stanza of the lyrics of Silent Night. Peace, Love and Light to you and yours. Send your thoughts and prayers around the world to everyone and anyone…it does make a difference.

silent night

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