The feeling I get after Yoga…BLISS

So I am three weeks into this amazing yoga class I am now taking. But as I was walking out after this past Yoga class, I was quite mindful to notice my reaction to the sun…feeling it’s warmth cover me… feeling of pure happiness…as I couldn’t help but to smile…not a huge one, just a look of content. My body reacted that day with an emotion that could only by compared to the word BLISS. I felt in total BLISS.

I carried this feeling throughout most of the morning. Then as hours went by I felt that feeling slowly being replaced by the lists and to-do’s for that day. And I felt myself missing it. I wanted to carry that feeling and transfer it to my family, to my friends and to the world!

The quest is now how to make that feeling last. How to bring that feeling up at a moments notice. I want that all the time! Yet I know I can’t be doing Yoga all the time…..I still want it. So I ask this of you…how do you find bliss? What is bliss to you? A long run on the beach, tea on a rainy day, diving into a good book….what is bliss to you? Please share as I am in the mood for more bliss! Aren’t you?


I welcome your comments!

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