Throwback Thursdays-Isara the Activist!


Isara, already supporting causes at Poly. The time just flies by and she is already eleven. ELEVEN! Far cry from 18 month. Sometimes I long for that spirit in her. As she comes into her own these days, I sense her pulling away from me. Not quite sure to admire and smile or wince and back away. At times I feel I am loosing her, and I think of my mom and the rough times we have had….but we always manage to find our way back to each other. Will Isara and I find our way back to each other? YES. I am determined to change my ways, because, let’s face it….it’s the only thing I really have control over. My sweet darling, strong willed Isara. Don’t ever forget I am and forever will be here for you…in your mind and heart. I admire your strength, but I worry about how strong you really are.

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