Book Review: Tacolicious by Sara Deseran, with Joe Hargrave, Antemelo Faria, and Mike Barrow



In the mood for something inspiring and wonderful! Since I couldn’t make it out to San Francisco to the Tacolicious restaurant, I brought the book* home to me!

There is a wonderful mix on traditional and non-traditional mexican dishes and recipes that will have your taste buds roaring for more. Ask anyone I know, and they will tell you that I’d tell you I’m not a cook. They are true. But this book makes it look easy, and taste delicious.  By the way the recipes are well organized with gorgeous pictures and the book itself is hearty and thick!

There are various tips and anecdotes scattered throughout that will make you smarter…ok…well not smarter, but definitely keep help you impress your family and friends. I’ve already decided to go create a menu from this book for next year’s Bunco group! But I had to try a few of the recipes and went with a few of the drinks first. You could add alcohol too, but I went the route of family dinner with the girls….and since we rarely have soda in the house, this was even more of a special treat! It’s called Silas…named after the author’s oldest son. Mint leaves, lime juice, agave syrup and soda water…girls loved it. For dinner I went with their old-school taco. I know…tacos are easy…but what I enjoyed about having the recipe is home made hot sauce and spices I get to use!

If you enjoy Mexican Cuisine and want to go one step above what you may be used to, you will enjoy this book! For more info on the book click here.

Thanks for reading and Salut!

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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