A very good day!

Today I turned 48……

1. Woke up with kisses and hugs from Trev and the girls!

2. Hung at home with a sick Tam for a bit, and then got call from parents in India!

3. Went into work where desk was decorated! Thanks to Dani and my team!

4. Went to Bar Method and was surprised with cheers and flowers and a great workout!

5. Went back to work to an amazing salad bar potluck! Love the people I work with!

6. Then played bowling with teammates at work with these amazing oversized pins!

7. Drove to basketball practice and was sung happy birthday twice by the team and parents!

8. On way home got free Sylvester’s burger and free Starbucks drink. Saved for later!

9. When home was sung to again by family and opened tub of popcorn, new earbuds, and a sweet handmade card!

10. Went back out to cal poly gym to workout with Idona and Chuy! And Raj and fam called and they sing it again!

11. After, Idona treated me out to dinner at Santa Cruz Taqueria and girl chat time!

12. Came home and read all my messages from near and far!

It was a damn good day!!!


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