49 things before 50

Here we go again!

So many amazing things this year! 2018 will go down in my herstory as the year I met Michelle Obama, the year I celebrated five years with MINDBODY (through which meeting Michelle happened!), year of Tamra surpassing my height! Year of Isara winning over her mind and spirit to play what she loves, the year for Trevis to find his heart and health, the year of Becoming with my best buds. The year of spending time quality time with my parents and brother. But there is more to become and my key takeaway for this list and for this year is to not work and live and decide in fear. Rather stride and “swerve,” ahead, in kindness. I may not be rich in money or material goods, but I am in friendship, family and spirit of hope and forever thankful for change. It’s time to dig in Rani cause half a century is just around the corner! Oh the places you will go!

1. Cycle more

2. Clean eat

3. Meal prep

4. Write letters and cards

5. Meditate regularly

6. Drink lots of water

7. Journal and blog

8. Donate stuff

9. Spend less

10. Daily walks with Slider

11. Use cook books

12. Clean out trailer

13. Attempt garden

14. Make more art

15. Smile more

16. Read with girls

17. Take family to museums

18. Learn more about local politics

19. Bake for co workers /team

20. More hikes

21. See English Beat

22. Teach henna class

23. Yoga

24. Help Isa Drive

25. Play Minecraft with Tamra

26. Play board games with family

27. Have friends over

28. Turmeric tea everyday

29. Take picture challenges

30. Clean out computer in boxes

31. Grow herbs

32. Stretch

33. Take class

34. Save money

35. Try passive income

36. Print this list and too it if I want

37. Know that it’s ok not to finish this list and carry through to next year

39. Give more hugs

49. Learn guitar

There it is.

I welcome your comments!

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