34 Days till 50 so update on the 49 things before 50:

Diwali, 2019

So thought it be a good idea to see where I am at with the 49 things before 50. I always give myself room to do or not to do, but it’s nice to keep reminding myself to do every month! I’m a little late and to be honest did not check every month, but better late than never! Below is the list with those completed and some thoughts and worries, dreams and visions for the year ahead.

1. Cycle more- completed over 100 days at Cycle Tribe land looking forward to more cycling and hiking next year!

2. Clean eat- started Keto and clean eating to become pre-diabetic free.

3. Meal prep-Keto demands meal prep; not quite on it, but plan to continue into the new year

4. Write letters and cards – hoping to at least make holiday cards, but we will see.

5. Meditate regularly – sporadic at best, but when I do, I love it!

6. Drink lots of water- yes!

7. Journal and blog-must write more and often!

8. Donate stuff – the beginning of the year was great with lots of purging; tapered off towards the end, but less spending!

9. Spend less-see above!

10. Daily walks with Slider- Slider….I am sorry for not walking with you as much especially since recent time change, but will do more!

11. Use cook books- Love my cookbooks, but vowing not to buy anymore! Besided, all online, but my favorites this year has been Forest Feasts, Salt Fat Acid Heat, and Practical Paleo. Also online Keto resources.

12. Clean out trailer -not gonna happen this year.

13. Attempt garden- next year!

14. Make more art – would like to make more

15. Smile more – I want to smile more but the last half of the year has been hard. Also coming to terms that I don’t have to always smile and that is ok.

16. Read with girls – more like shared screen time with them!

17. Take family to museums – The Getty and other LA area ones are on my list.

18. Learn more about local politics – VOTE!

19. Bake for co workers /team – had fun with potlucks this year!

20. More hikes – Summer was great! Favorite new place was Harmony Headlands; plan to do the 52 Hike challenge next year.

21. See English Beat-Did for New Years last year!

22. Teach henna class – still practicing!

23. Yoga – not enough

24. Help Isa Drive – she decided to put off…crazy girl!

25. Play Minecraft with Tamra – watched her play and did play a few times…I think I have more fun watching! She is really good!

26. Play board games with family – not one…sad…need to change this before they fly the nest.

27. Have friends over- not as much as I wanted to.

28. Turmeric tea everyday – not everyday but will get back on it!

29. Take picture challenges – didn’t do any this year, but till managed to take a boatload of pics!

30. Clean out computer in-boxes-it never ends!

31. Grow herbs – next years! Bit do have a basil plant doing pretty good!

32. Stretch – more!

33. Take classes – Did take a crochet class; and did guided yoga with friends throughout the year. Would like to learn Italian, and write more! Speaking of writing, was able to volunteer at a writers conference lhis year and plan to volunteer again next year! Got to sit in the poetry track and loved it sooooo much!

34. Save money – did spend less and had a month of no spending that felt great!

35. Try passive income – happy with one job this year!

36. Print this list and too it if I want-done

37. Know that it’s ok not to finish this list and carry through to next year-yes

39. Give more hugs – learned that 24 second hugs leave a lasting impression.

49. Learn guitar – next year and learn off of YouTube!

Looking forward to creating the new list and hoping mostly I do get to smile more. I think I am struggling with my daughters both getting older, and Trevis and I missing connections. Something to strive for and work at…..time will tell.

I welcome your comments!

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