Poems I found in my old journals

A lone path.

I gave to much power


Early on in the beginning.

Thinking that was ok to do. Cause I thought it would


Back to me

In the future.

The future is now here, and I am alone.

No physically, but mentally,

Emotionally…all along standing on

An ever sinking island, watching them from afar.

This is not a writing about shelf pity,

far from it.


An honest observation. I don’t

Proclaim to know or ever know what

The future held. But trying to see it

Now…it’s too hard to see. Too

Difficult to try.

I know what I want, but no matter

What I do now, one slight makes it all go

“Wrong.” And I was blinded by what

I thought I was seeing, feeling. But I

Know I am alone.

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