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A year from now, I am grateful – let’s imagine, shall we?!

The year is 2021, April 15th. It has been a full year since the Covid 19 pandemic, hit it’s record levels before finally flattening down. So much has changed and I am grateful for a few of them:

-There is a new way the earth seems to be operating-one in which the human race works in pure existence with the planet we live on. We are continuing to learn how we effect the earth and taking great care to keep it whole and alive and thriving.

-The current administration in the U.S. have safeguards in place that keep prevention at the forefront of fighting future pandemics; one that works in conjunction with other nations around the world.

-Businesses are thriving with the workforce steadily growing. More opportunities now exist that allows stay at home parents to earn a living from home, which is slowly becoming the largest workforce in the world.

-I am so very grateful for the many connections forged through the past shelter at home quarantine. The zoom meetings created a connection that spilled over into personal in person ones, making those relationships even more meaning.

Cheers to how much we have moved forward and my hope is to continue this momentum, together as a Human race.

*This post is a prompt taken from a workshop I am currently enrolled in called Turning Crisis into Transformation, by Blake Beltram. It is a zoom workshop that is open to anyone, but became a necessity for me after being laid off from Mindbody with many other amazing and talented Mindbodians. As we struggle to thrive in social distancing, we also had to deal with this hard hit in life. But what I am learning is that, right now, at this very moment, I am ok. I am healthy and I know things will be ok. 🙂

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International Women’s Day 2020

I wrote this in honor of today. The second one I wrote last year inspired by all the women I know.

In the company of many.

We listen, we gather, finding our strong.
The road we have journeyed,
worn and long.
Many faces, backgrounds and colors are we.
Many histories and stories
in memories we see.
At times alone, feeling unsheltered and cold.
A time that we fight through,
daring to be bold.
I see you there, working hard and striving,
Finding your place,
your stride to thriving.
Never underestimate the power we share,
You are not alone, for collectively,
we do care.
There is power in us, there is passion in we.
Our histories, though varied,
bring our visions to be.

I wrote the one below last year.

I Thrive.

My thanks,
For I thrive on the backs of those before me,
Who let me push the full weight of my soul,
Upon their fighting minds and wise ways.
They, who saw themselves as not inferior,
Not to be owned,
Not to be ignored.
For theirs is a might unlike anything in this world,
A wonder upon which to be revered.
A roar meant to be heard.
We stand alongside humankind,
Being kind, working hard, adding value to…
Thank you to the many of my kind.

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34 Days till 50 so update on the 49 things before 50:

Diwali, 2019

So thought it be a good idea to see where I am at with the 49 things before 50. I always give myself room to do or not to do, but it’s nice to keep reminding myself to do every month! I’m a little late and to be honest did not check every month, but better late than never! Below is the list with those completed and some thoughts and worries, dreams and visions for the year ahead.

1. Cycle more- completed over 100 days at Cycle Tribe land looking forward to more cycling and hiking next year!

2. Clean eat- started Keto and clean eating to become pre-diabetic free.

3. Meal prep-Keto demands meal prep; not quite on it, but plan to continue into the new year

4. Write letters and cards – hoping to at least make holiday cards, but we will see.

5. Meditate regularly – sporadic at best, but when I do, I love it!

6. Drink lots of water- yes!

7. Journal and blog-must write more and often!

8. Donate stuff – the beginning of the year was great with lots of purging; tapered off towards the end, but less spending!

9. Spend less-see above!

10. Daily walks with Slider- Slider….I am sorry for not walking with you as much especially since recent time change, but will do more!

11. Use cook books- Love my cookbooks, but vowing not to buy anymore! Besided, all online, but my favorites this year has been Forest Feasts, Salt Fat Acid Heat, and Practical Paleo. Also online Keto resources.

12. Clean out trailer -not gonna happen this year.

13. Attempt garden- next year!

14. Make more art – would like to make more

15. Smile more – I want to smile more but the last half of the year has been hard. Also coming to terms that I don’t have to always smile and that is ok.

16. Read with girls – more like shared screen time with them!

17. Take family to museums – The Getty and other LA area ones are on my list.

18. Learn more about local politics – VOTE!

19. Bake for co workers /team – had fun with potlucks this year!

20. More hikes – Summer was great! Favorite new place was Harmony Headlands; plan to do the 52 Hike challenge next year.

21. See English Beat-Did for New Years last year!

22. Teach henna class – still practicing!

23. Yoga – not enough

24. Help Isa Drive – she decided to put off…crazy girl!

25. Play Minecraft with Tamra – watched her play and did play a few times…I think I have more fun watching! She is really good!

26. Play board games with family – not one…sad…need to change this before they fly the nest.

27. Have friends over- not as much as I wanted to.

28. Turmeric tea everyday – not everyday but will get back on it!

29. Take picture challenges – didn’t do any this year, but till managed to take a boatload of pics!

30. Clean out computer in-boxes-it never ends!

31. Grow herbs – next years! Bit do have a basil plant doing pretty good!

32. Stretch – more!

33. Take classes – Did take a crochet class; and did guided yoga with friends throughout the year. Would like to learn Italian, and write more! Speaking of writing, was able to volunteer at a writers conference lhis year and plan to volunteer again next year! Got to sit in the poetry track and loved it sooooo much!

34. Save money – did spend less and had a month of no spending that felt great!

35. Try passive income – happy with one job this year!

36. Print this list and too it if I want-done

37. Know that it’s ok not to finish this list and carry through to next year-yes

39. Give more hugs – learned that 24 second hugs leave a lasting impression.

49. Learn guitar – next year and learn off of YouTube!

Looking forward to creating the new list and hoping mostly I do get to smile more. I think I am struggling with my daughters both getting older, and Trevis and I missing connections. Something to strive for and work at…..time will tell.

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Meeting Michelle Obama, photo highlights and last post of this year!

YES! It happened! Back in September through my workplace, MINDBODY! Met Michelle Obama and then for my birthday weekend, got spend time with my bro and best buds, seeing Michelle speak on her book tour! Pics below.

As this year comes to an end, there are alot of changes in store for this new year. As nervous as some of our decisions have been, we work through those nerves, knowing our happiness in heart and health has exponentially increased! My goal is to write more, purge more and live simple in happiness and health with my family! I wish the same for you all too! Thanks you 2018! Cheers to 2019!





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New year…Let’s Begin!

2018 is here! So as another year begins, a new list…specifically…a new 48 things to do before I am 49 list. And since my birthday was in December, I am already behind a few days.

But not to worry, as I am keeping my list simple, doable, and pleasant! Those things in RED means they are done, or in the process. I will elaborate on each through this year to help me document.

  1. Walk/Jog/Run-make it a habit.
  2. Write and write some more.
  3. Purge and Purge and donate alot, thus clean out sheds.
  4. See movies in theaters with my girls. Jumanji 1/2/18
  5. See movies in theaters with my parents and Raj.
  6. Stop forcing Trevis to do things I want to do-ask him just once, but do them..even if alone. Jumanji 1/2/18.
  7. Make home-made pizza.
  8. Drink lots more water….no fancy gadgets…just a glass filled with water a few more times a day more than you do now.
  9. Regular walks with Slider-she likes to walk too!
  10. Do one 5k on my own every month. No medals that you send money away for. Instead, after you finish one, donate the money you would have spent on a virtual 5k, to a charity.
  11. Volunteer.
  12. Give more hugs…cause when you give them, you are really getting them too!
  13. Work harder at work. Cause it feels good to work hard.
  14. Find paint color for inside house and get samples.
  15. Paint inside of house.
  16. Detail & Clean car.
  17. Purge old photos from phone.
  18. Cook with the girls.
  19. Bike with Tam to school.
  20. Be calm and learn to breath before arguing.
  21. Paint rocks and leave them in places for others to find.
  22. Geo Cache with the girls.
  23. Make lists in bullet journal.
  24. Print this out and post. 1/2/18
  25. Attend Women’s rally in slo and other place if possible.
  26. Learn to Knit.
  27. Yoga when you can.
  28. Make valentines day treats. Cause Heart day is a sweet day.
  29. See dermatologist for skin tags and body scan.
  30. Write letters to girls for them to open later in their lives.
  31. Build something out of wood.
  32. Repaint the mailbox stand.
  33. Make calendar for parents.
  34. Visit Trevis’s parents.
  35. Call friends to say hi.
  36. Send letters to say hi.
  37. See butterflies.
  38. Take girls to Getty Museum.
  39. Visit Muir Woods.
  40. Make sandcastle.
  41. Compile book of poetry, your own.
  42. Plan a big party for your 50th!-Even though it’s two years away!
  43. Hang out with Brother more than you did last year.
  44. Be thrifty when spending money and make it money well spent.
  45. Call mom and dad once a week.
  46. Add more to this list if you want.
  47. Learn to let go. It’s ok cause those things meant to stay, will.
  48. Smile more.

+get more sleep

+attempt to make Timpano (yes! From one of my favorites movies, Big Night!

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Remote…Making a case for more productivity and work life balance!

Enjoyed this quick read! Although it took me some time to post, it was very easy to read! I’m always interested in way to make work life balance more feasible. I feel very lucky that I work for a company that promotes this already!

This book reads like a manual for those companies that don’t yet think this way, but want to! It makes sense to allow for this, especially as we move into workloads that are as demanding, if not more, than family life. And the whole common sense about this is that it works! Remote illustrates  that working remotely is good for everything: family, balance, environment and productivity!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 3.26.38 PM

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Dancing that brought me to tears and grateful for it!


You may or may not know that I have recently taken up dancing. It actually was first brought to my attention by Angela, who told me about this…mmm, over a year ago. Then more recently by Jessica. As fate would have it, I had the time and took it on myself as a personal challenge..one created as part of my work goal (Yes, I work for a pretty kick-awesome place…but that’s another story!) I am going to take a dance class.

Every Thursday now, for the past few months, I join other women and men and take an Adult Contemporary Dance class at Studio at Ryans American Dance in San Luis Obispo. When I first joined it was more for the workout…and boy did we get worked! I love the fact that I was a sweaty mess and had to take a shower again by the time I got home, but it is so well worth it!

What’s even more amazing is the community of people I get to be part of every Thursday night. Serendipity, karma, laws of the universe…call it what you want…but this group was brought together for a reason…and whatever reason we each hold in our hearts, we treasure as sacred. No judgement…just a love to move! AndI brought my friend Anne into it to!

Tonight’s class was an exceptionally amazing one. Our teacher, Josh, recently had a loved one pass away. Jessica and Angela went in to action and via social media, we were able to come together to provide him a care package for his trip this weekend. You have to understand , Josh is simply a loving, kind, genuine, soul who loves to teach. I feel very fortunate to be his “student,” but really he treats us more as his friends…which I am happy to say…we are! He often says how he looks forward to our class each week because of how we are really so eager to learn!

This week he created dance numbers for most of his classes as a tribute to his Nanna. We did our usual warm up, but it seemed tonight we were all in sync and I felt myself breathing harder and pushing my warm up limits. Then we learned this beautiful routine…full of flow and ability to take to it and run with it kind of feel……By the end of our class we were feeling elated and connected. Julia asked to take video of the routine…I love her for this! She does this for all the routines and then drop boxes them to us to study and use. Normally we would all also join, but we all just wanted to see Josh….see him perform and let go. He had the whole hanger floor to himself…and he flew! In those few moments of watching him….we were moved with such emotion to tears. Now most of you know me and I cry at just about everything! But I realized I have never been moved to tears through the sole act of movement and dance. Watching him dance…with such passion, care, and freedom….was amazing to see. I was transported…as if to a tribute…which it was, that was breathtaking and full of grace, humility and love. We all felt it, as did he and we thanked each other for the experience.

It’s one of those experiences in life that you can’t quite explain to it’s full vivid glory (I tried, but still…my words don’t do it justice)! We all realized and take to heart that what we have is something simple but something so special….every Thursday night, we come together to stretch, to learn….and to fly.  I am so very grateful for all the people here and no doubt more to come……..for those who will soon be joining…you are so lucky! To those of us already there…..so are we! Thanks for this.

As I was driving home tonight…I was thinking of the dance… I had to stop to take pictures of the sky as I always look to the sky to talk to those who forever remain in my thoughts. Look up and know they are alway there for you. Then do something specials for yourself…cook something new, dive into a good book, take a dance class…..and you to will learn and yearn to fly…and you never know…just may find a community of kindred spirits too! Kara, Cathie, Angela, Jessica, Julia, Anne, Josh…..and more….Thank you!



IMG_2392(Little dark spec in the sky above and to the right of the crescent moon was a balloon…a sweet sign if you ask me!)

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Day 7, #fmsphotoaday Reading

I love my cookbooks! Don’t cook from them often enough, but when I do, I am happy…helps me realize…hey..maybe I can cook!


No, I’m not vegan, but diggin the whole food ingredients!

Below are some sunset pics from the home! Thinking about my friend coming home from LA after having surgery today for cancer as I was taking these. She is back home now, recovering. Thankful for that!

IMG_0288 IMG_0289


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Powerful words for powerful girls.


(please print, pin or share!)

This is one of my favorite quotes ever from Shakespeare! As a result I have dedicated a small wall area in our home to this quote and to the girls in our home that it references!!!



There wall of fame! All the photos have Trevis as a coach in them except for one. He is even in the one that I was supposed to be in, but I was working that weekend up in Davis with massages.  I love walking by this space everyday. I notice the changes in them from year to year…their independence and strength getting stronger. I hope they know they are strong, and kind and full of spirit…and even though they will always be my little girls…they are fiercely mighty!

What you favorite quote right now and why?