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Book Review: A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home by From the creators of A Beautiful Mess, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

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Having once met Elsie at a Los Angeles scrapbook convention, I have always admired her work. So when I found out she wrote a book with Emma Chapman, I had to check it out! Both Emma and Elsie have the blog A Beautiful Mess, that if you get a chance to look at, you will be filled with amazing creative spirit!

The book, A Beautiful Mess, Happy Handmade Home, Painting, Crafting, and Decorating a Cheerful More Inspiring Space, delivers their unique style for you to pour over! It’s divided by titles of spaces in a home….living room, play spaces, outdoor spaces, etc. You will find something to create for each part of you home.

But what inspired me most about this book were the quick easy sections on hosting themes parties…I love this! For example, the chapter titled, Celebrate, Birthday Cocktail Party. This included a yummy drink recipe and then several ideas with pictures for inspiration.

I was surprised by how thick and sturdy the book was too…the pictures are all in color and the pages are thick quality, making it easy to turn to the next bit of genius!

This will be a goto book for me when getting inspiration for our house, future parties and simply creating! You will be thrilled too!

For more information on the book, check it here

To read more about the authors click here

Now get out there and create! I hope to post some finished projects here from this book!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


Words of Love!

So for the whole month of February, I’m attempting to post everyday on the topic of love and yes…even sex! But not quite how you think! This will be in the creative form of a layout art piece……yes, I’m digital scrapping my way through this! Hope you enjoy and feel free to pin, print and share!!! Let the LOVE begin!




A new Year, some new Layouts!

I’m getting back into the digital creative groove…especially when I get to work with digital designer, Karla Dudley and her wonderful kits at Pixel and Co.  Here is a few to start the year off. And now that I am almost over this nasty flu that had been going around, I feel well enough to say that now the new year can begin!

   christmas-2012-kd-happy-holidays-and-clear- hanging-out-on-the-roof-using-kd-roycraft snowflakes-with-kd-happy-holiday slo-botanical-garden-2012-with-kd-change sisters-made-with-kd-penelopi nightstand-with-kdberenstein-kit-smaller



Published in Mamalode Magazine!

So excited to share my published poem! It was in the most recent magazine, MAMALODE, out of Missoula Montana.

I actually came across this magazine at Playful Planet Headquarters. Karen had a copy of it on her desk, and I was taken in by the cover. So I wrote the name down and later looked it up online at home. I love the idea have having a themed read each time the mag came out. When I read that they were looking for submissions around the theme of Balance. I decided to try for it.

It really is pretty cool to have your name in print for something you wrote! Though the magazine is mostly centered in Missoula, all the articles are for everyone reading and I feel so honored to be part of this community! Check them out online and if you can get a hold of a copy, consider it time well spent!

Here is the poem…….

I Am The Beam.

I find myself

on a fine line.

Walking on it.

Not a tightrope.

A balance beam.

On one side

I see.

I see what

I do

For everyone.

Care, share, and give.

On the other side

I see

what I do for


Seek, find, and create.

In the middle

is me.

The lines crossover.

The air is wide.

I realize in my motion

I am the middle.

I am the balance.

I am the beam.


Thanks for letting me share!!!!  Cheers to sharing more soon!

lessons learned, MIndful

Thanks Alt for the blogging advice!

In the world of blogging there are so many ways to do things. I have had up to three different blogs and find it refreshing to change my design every now and then. I like to take my blogging with a grain of salt, know that as I change, so will my thoughts and writing.  And that’s ok! But as with anything I tend to take on, I like to research new ideas and see what’s going on the in the world, weather it be gardening or a diy project to photography and yes… blogging.

In my research, I came across Altitude Summit. As they state on their website: “Alt is a place to connect.” They offer advice and collaborations in business and bring ideas and relationships to the forefront of blogging. They offer a  number of online articles as well as an in person summit for bloggers to attend.

One such article that caught my attention was  “8 Tips for Great Blogging.” It offered common sense advice in writing your own blog, that I found I was already doing, but is very helpful in keeping me mindful of what and how I write because it’s easy to get swept up in the …how too make my blog better, instead of sticking to the why did I do this in the first place! Alt reminds me to get back to the simple basics…like getting real and personal.

I encourage anyone starting out in blogging, to do their own research and be sure to check out the new Alt Blog for blogging inspiration and business advice.

Happy Blogging!!!

MIndful, Subway Art

Subway Art, For our Planet…..Playful Planet

I’ve been working as Playful Planet’s social media specialist, and really enjoy working for a local company that focus’s on being a global resource for families. When you go to their website, you are immediately taken in by the beautiful, colorful imagery! The resources are wonderful…and I’m not just saying that cause I work there!

I’m guest blogger today over at Playful Planet, so be sure to check them out! I have uploaded these two art pieces there too! Namaste everyone and have a great weekend! As always feel free to pin, print and share!


A chance to learn…from The Darling Tree!

I was perusing some of my favorite blogs: Boho Girl, Susannah Conway, & Going Home to Roost, to name a few, I began to notice something….they were all designed by the same designer. As I scrolled to the bottom of each blog, there it was….The Darling Tree. So of course I clicked over to find out who this talent was and was thus introduced to Jo Klima.

As I checked her blog out, wishing I would have enough money to hire her to design my blogsite…..which of course is how I wish to create, share and make money, I happily found out that she was having a contest of sorts. Not only does she design websites and blogs, but she teaches an online course on how I can do it myself (light seemed to shine down on me an my computer!) -and she was offering a chance at winning a scholarship to her course! For all the details click this following link to find out more about the Your Darling Blog Workshop and Giveaway.

This would be awesome to take this course from her. I have had several blogs in the past, and having little to no money to shell out for design help, I basically just self taught myself on design, blogging, code, css, etc. I love digital scrapbooking, so I was able to apply some of that knowledge as well. But I now feel the need to take it a step further…it’s time! I want to use my space on the web to share the designs I create and want to inspire and sell. I started my site with intentions of Being Kind and Generous, but also feel that for all I give, I will receive ten fold in return. I admire women like Susannah and Denise who have taken their talents and applied them online. I want to be part of that pack, but into my own! I can do this!

And perhaps with the chance of winning this scholarship, I can! It would be great to finally take a class…to really learn and apply that learning into something unique, inspiring and Om She Said!

So here is my plea, my words out into the world, with the intention and hope that I am the chosen one! We shall see!!!

And if you’re in need of this same intention, I encourage you to check Jo Klima’s Blog, August Empress and see complete the details yourself!