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Vibrant India-Cookbook Book Review


Going back to my roots with this one! Chitra Agrawal, chef and owner of Brooklyn Delhi has brought me back to tastes of turmeric, garam masala and coconut curry!



This cookbook is full of tips and techniques for Indian cooking! I love the sections on spices, as it gives wonderful descriptions of each kind of spice. There are over 200 recipes to try! I love popcorn, so I was pleasantly surprised by the Ben’s Curry Leaf Popcorn. So damn delish!



I’m looking forward to trying all the different, exciting recipes! Ands you will also enjoy reading about the author and her traditions in her family and cooking!


FTC disclaimer -I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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Remote…Making a case for more productivity and work life balance!

Enjoyed this quick read! Although it took me some time to post, it was very easy to read! I’m always interested in way to make work life balance more feasible. I feel very lucky that I work for a company that promotes this already!

This book reads like a manual for those companies that don’t yet think this way, but want to! It makes sense to allow for this, especially as we move into workloads that are as demanding, if not more, than family life. And the whole common sense about this is that it works! Remote illustrates  that working remotely is good for everything: family, balance, environment and productivity!

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Book Review: Make Up…Your Life Guide to Beauty Style and Success online and off by Michelle Phan


My daughter is starting to dive into the wonders of makeup and style! That along with our decision to get her a phone is creating a whole new set of parenting concerns. Thank goodness she is into sports, as this is helping with keeping the healthy lifestyle going. And there are a multitude of videos via YouTube that she has access to, but screen time is something we limit as well. So when this book cam out, I thought I would first read it and then see if appropriate for my daughter. And I am happy to report, that it is very insightful and my daughter loves it, and I have learned a few things too!

This book goes way beyond just learning about make-up. It also teaches about career goals, professionalism and modern manners! Here is a list of the contents that I think will help you see all that is included. I appreciate how Michelle shares her experience and again serves as a nice role model for my daughter to see (items in parenthesis are my ideas on the chapter!):

My Life so far, parts 1 and 2

Skin Care Savvy

Makeup Basics and Beyond (I am learning lots here for my own makeup application!)

Hair and Nails Know-How

Fashion Tips and Tricks

Digital Dos and Don’ts (With the age of cell phones and online everything access, this is now something that everyone needs to learn)

Find and Keep a Job you Love

Turn Your Passion into a Profession

Modern Manners Made Easy

Ask Michelle

Good Luck!


I approve this book for my own daughter to read, and I am learning from it as well. It has actually created some nice conversation for us to discuss and I also ask my daughter for advice, which she is happy and proud to offer me too!  It’s easy to read and everything is in color with great photos. It makes for a great reference that we both now goto!


FTC disclaimer -I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.



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Book Review: Tacolicious by Sara Deseran, with Joe Hargrave, Antemelo Faria, and Mike Barrow



In the mood for something inspiring and wonderful! Since I couldn’t make it out to San Francisco to the Tacolicious restaurant, I brought the book* home to me!

There is a wonderful mix on traditional and non-traditional mexican dishes and recipes that will have your taste buds roaring for more. Ask anyone I know, and they will tell you that I’d tell you I’m not a cook. They are true. But this book makes it look easy, and taste delicious.  By the way the recipes are well organized with gorgeous pictures and the book itself is hearty and thick!

There are various tips and anecdotes scattered throughout that will make you smarter…ok…well not smarter, but definitely keep help you impress your family and friends. I’ve already decided to go create a menu from this book for next year’s Bunco group! But I had to try a few of the recipes and went with a few of the drinks first. You could add alcohol too, but I went the route of family dinner with the girls….and since we rarely have soda in the house, this was even more of a special treat! It’s called Silas…named after the author’s oldest son. Mint leaves, lime juice, agave syrup and soda water…girls loved it. For dinner I went with their old-school taco. I know…tacos are easy…but what I enjoyed about having the recipe is home made hot sauce and spices I get to use!

If you enjoy Mexican Cuisine and want to go one step above what you may be used to, you will enjoy this book! For more info on the book click here.

Thanks for reading and Salut!

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.