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Back and There Again-Fresh Start Fitness Challenge Now!

So it has been awhile.


Soon I hope to share more pictures of our surprise, wonderful trip to Kauai….oh how nice and relaxing that was! It was tropical, rainy, and just beautiful….more on that soon!

So now that we are back and school is in full swing, I am in dire need to get back on track to the pre Kauai prep I was doing for myself. Working out, logging what I ate, etc. So the timing on finding FitKnitChick-Tamara’s The Fresh Start Fitness Challenge now, couldn’t have come sooner! The idea is to track three different things: my nutrition, my physical activity and my emotional well being! Love that the last one is included! And yes, I am a week behind since I just found this through my friend, Jill Conyers, who also has a wonderful fitness journey and lifestyle blog. So my renewed journey begins today!

I’m also prepping for a City to Sea 1/2 marathon in October and Dirty Girl Run in November! Excited to be trying these fun new events and hoping to do more!

Let’s go!

Emotional-Personal Goals for the challenge:

-Work out at least 3xtimes a week, Spin, Running, Yoga

-Increase current running in prep for 1/2 marathon in October

-Practice Positive self talk 3x a day- starting with, “You are capable of anything you set your mind to!”

-Any negative self talk, do pushups!


-Started logging on MyFitnessPal again, thus keeping a daily food journal

-identify my trigger foods-ice cream,…bye bye~

-eat breakfast everyday

-no alcohol


-Good Form Push ups- 12 in really good form, and 10 more in ok

-Plank Position hold-90 seconds

-Body Weight squats-25

-Perform at least 120 of intense cardio this week-spin on Tuesday (60) Run on M, W, F, (30 minutes each)

Let’s do this!


My dear friend, Jodi…

You may be gone….but not forgotten.

Jodi Fisher. She is one amazing woman. The woman for which I have pursued this blog. A woman who leaves a legacy of kindness and generous spirit. I first met her in college. And through college, years of working, moving, having kids, growing families, changing jobs, girl’s nights out, and just hanging out, we have remained friends. It’s the kind of friendship wear you just pick up where you left off.

She always found ways to make you smile….usually her smile was what got everyone smiling…big and beautiful! Her sparkling blue eyes held mischievous yet playful looks. She adored her friends and family. She always found time to help, encourage and spread a passion for a cause worth fighting for, weather it was whales, to eagles, to kids safety…she inspired people.

Cancer didn’t break her spirit. Sure it may have taken her, but damn cancer if it was going to take who she was…it is ingrained in all that knew her.

To me she will always be friend, cool mama, loving soul, bright spirit, fighter.

I know she is up there watching and simply smiling, because she has inspired a new wave of caring.

As I found out the news on facebook on March 17, 2012, I instantly cried outloud. My kids, Isara and Tamra came to me to ask what was wrong. I told them my friend past away. Now kids always have a unique, innocent look at life and death. Isara, my nine year old calmly looked at me and said, “Mama, you know….she is now not in any pain.” I looked at her smiling and said that she was so right. Tamra, my 6 year old, said, “Mama, Jodi is in a nice place now that one day, when you die…when we all die, we will all be together again!” Yes. She is so right!

Just before I found out, I went outside earlier that morning, The weather was stormy, but for a moment, their was this burst of bright yellow shine, with the sun piercing through the grey clouds. Right then, I think I knew and I am pretty sure it was her saying not goodbye, but hello to a new journey. There she was, shining bright as ever. Then an instant later, it rained. And it was as if the sky was crying because we no longer had her in our physical presence.

So she remains now forever in my heart and mind. And the question that comes up when I am facing a hard day or time….What Would Jodi Do?

I love you my dear friend Jodi. Until we meet again.


For all the wonderful accounts and history of our Jodi-Girl, our G.I.Jodi, please follow the links below. they will take you to various stories that touched the hearts of people everywhere. Her courage, strength, compassion and kindness.

For more information and to find out how you can donate to the family (Her Husband, daughter and son) and spread her words and passion of kindness, generosity and being wonderful……
visit this website that through the generosity of J.Carroll, was this even possible.