Another year, a new List!

Here was this year’s list with the things I have done highlighted! Below is the new list for 2013! I will transfer over and add a few new things and change at will! But it’s a guideline and challenge to do many things and live life to the fullest.


1. Practice yoga more than once a month to start and more later.

2. Take Spin Class

3. Once a week, steady mindful meditation

4. Participate in Move More Eat Well class

5. Participate in One Little Word (mine this year is mindful)

6. Organize, organize, organize

7. Do the polar bear dip! DONE 1/1/12

8. Use Evernote

9. Start draft on book

10. Conduct interviews and write articles on fabulous women I know

11. Redo massage brochure

12. Be honest and mindful in the everyday

13. Purchase and use a neti pot

14. Join a Bunco group

15. Write letters

16. Join PTA-and I’m the Secretary!

17. Learn new massage technique

18. Train for Triathlon and 5k

19. Knit a project

20. Submit photos to the midstate fair

21. Blog about each of these events

22. Start running

23. Do more with less

24. Keep email inbox purged and updated

25. Create with my girls

26. Volunteer at the girls school

27. Plan date nights with Trevis

28. Make more green juice

29. Do a cleanse

30. Read the Hunger Game Series

31. Write at least 3 book reviews

32. Paint the bathroom

33. Make a mosaic

34. Take the girls to the snow.

35. Visit Tobi in Ojai’-The Dirty Girl Mud Run

36. Do a month of themed blogging.

37. Rollerskate with girls.

38. HAve another India Boutique

39. Dance with Trevis

40. Cook at two new recipes per month.

41. Practice patience and kindness and mindfulness with my girls, my husband, my family, my friends and myself.

42. Print and post this list where I can see it everyday.


The List

1. Run in at least five, 5k’s

2. Run in the SLO Marathon

3. Do a team Triathlon

4. Take a Zumba class

5. Drink more green smoothies

6. Take Probiotics

7. Start Yoga

8. Continue with Jillian Michael workouts

9. Do the Color Run!

10. Read all the books I have, don’t buy any more

11. Blog at least three time a week

12. Sell art work

13. Take Girls to someplace new

14. Learn to knit with the girls

15. Dance with Trevis

16. Plan a family Trip

17. Take girls to Ojai

18. Take family up north to visit everyone!

19. Clean out sheds

20. Help people

21. Write letters

22. Learn to compost

23. Garden more

24. Spread kindness, generosity and wonderfulness-Like Jodi

25. Join a wine club

26. Play more Bunco!

27. Clean up desk area

28. Donate to Achievement House

29. Make allowance and chores schedule for the girls

30. Take girls to the movies

31. Make home made ice cream

32. Make crock pot recipes

33. Digital scrap!

34. Find new one little word for the year-Done…Move

35. Write more for Today’s Mama

36. Work on home

37. Redo the girls room

38. Do the Polar Bear Dip in Cayucos!

39. Make a mosaic with the girls

40.Fly Kites

41. Play frisbee with Trevis

42. Dance with the girls

43. Print and post where I can see this everyday!

-To start, here is my word for next year:


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Sound advice to Be a Happy Mom

This is an oldie but goodie post from Scrapyoga back in the day! Enjoy!


-one of my all time favorite layouts


From Hybrid Mom at yahoo shine! I saw this and had to repost!

Here are 10 things happy moms do–so remember these tips in your day-to-day life!

1. Find time for yourself
Happy moms know they deserve a little time to themselves. When you know you’re going to have a little room to breathe later on in the day, it’s easier to take on everything that’s in front of you. Our formula? Take 2 hours out for yourself every 3 days.

2. Don’t make a happy baby, happier!
We all do it…you see your baby’s head at what you’re sure is an unnatural angle snoozing in their car seat. You just know they’ll be happier if their head was straight.  So you move them. And they wake up. Then they scream. Or, you see them playing happily in the sand. You just know they’ll be happier if they played on the slide. So you interrupt them and move them to the slide.  And they’re angry. And they let you know they’re REALLY angry.  Here’s the thing, they were happy. It can be hard to do, but if your kid’s not complaining, leave them be!  Happy baby = Happy Mommy.

3. Embrace the mess
So your house doesn’t look like something out of a magazine. That just means it’s cozy! Your children have hands coated in dirt from the playground and faces coated in spaghetti from dinner. It’s not gross—it’s an adorable photo op! Life is about how you look at things. Next time that pile of laundry that’s been sitting on the chair for three days starts to get you down, just remember… it’s probably feng shui.

4. Make time for your friends
Your family can survive without you while you make time to see friends. You are a woman with your own identity and its imperative that you and that identity go out for some margaritas once in awhile!

5.  Stop blowing yourself off
While you may be the one taking care of everyone, it doesn’t mean you can’t also get what you want. Help your family realize your needs are as important as theirs and when mom is happy, everyone is happy, but when mom is not….

6.  Get in the zone
Take 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing but rest. Take a break from your day, close your eyes, breath in slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Repeat several times. Think about a place you love that is relaxing, spend 10 minutes there in your mind.

7.  Remember your dreams and goals
Everyday we are encouraging our children to reach their full potential. But sometimes in the midst of being a parent we forget about our own dreams and goals. The best thing you can do to encourage a child is to lead by example –happy moms hold on to their dreams and goals and don’t let go.

8.  Be lighthearted
Don’t be the uptight mom. Be silly and dance with your kids to their music or tv show tunes. Be romantic and pull your partner into a waltz. Dance in slippery socks in your kitchen while making dinner.

9.  Bend the Rules
One of the best parts of making the rules is occasionally breaking them. Maybe it’s taking your child out of school for half a day on their birthday, or waking them up in the middle of the night to see a sky of shooting stars.  Happy moms know how to turn the mundane into fun.

10.  Mind your own business
Concentrate on creating your life the way you want it. Take care of you and your family. Don’t get overly concerned with what other people are doing or saying. Don’t get caught up with gossip or name calling. Stop seeking the validation of others and be confident in yourself.

July Mindful Mama Carnival, MIndful, Poetry

Grounded in Nature

Welcome to the July Mindful Mama Carnival: Mindfulness and Nature

This post was written for inclusion in the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. This month our participants have shared their experiences of mindfulness and the natural world. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.

Welcome to my site and to the Mindful Mama Blog Carnival with this months topic: Mindfulness and Nature. We hope you enjoy the carnival, and plan to visit often! After the post be sure to  read on to other people who have shared their vision of this month’s topic!

Below is my “walking quest,” that led me to write, Grounded in Nature. What do you find when you are in nature. I for one believe that all the answers to the deep question we seek, are there…in nature.


Grounded In Nature

Darkness envelops.

Then all at once

Eyes see.


Light, bold and new

Crisp air that bites sweet.

Deep breath, exhale brisk breath.

I move,

I walk. Notice. Take in all around.

The extension of my limbs, roots in the ground.

My senses want. I touch. The earth is full of life.

Growth. Death. Cycles unfold.

Nature so profound.

Simple as can be.

Stop. Look. Listen. Smell, Touch. Taste the vapor in the air.

Though I step along, on top of and through,

I am one with all that is here.

The flowers, the leaves, the water,

the all.

I am grounded, deep.

Nature is here. Nature is me.

I am home.


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