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International Women’s Day 2020

I wrote this in honor of today. The second one I wrote last year inspired by all the women I know.

In the company of many.

We listen, we gather, finding our strong.
The road we have journeyed,
worn and long.
Many faces, backgrounds and colors are we.
Many histories and stories
in memories we see.
At times alone, feeling unsheltered and cold.
A time that we fight through,
daring to be bold.
I see you there, working hard and striving,
Finding your place,
your stride to thriving.
Never underestimate the power we share,
You are not alone, for collectively,
we do care.
There is power in us, there is passion in we.
Our histories, though varied,
bring our visions to be.

I wrote the one below last year.

I Thrive.

My thanks,
For I thrive on the backs of those before me,
Who let me push the full weight of my soul,
Upon their fighting minds and wise ways.
They, who saw themselves as not inferior,
Not to be owned,
Not to be ignored.
For theirs is a might unlike anything in this world,
A wonder upon which to be revered.
A roar meant to be heard.
We stand alongside humankind,
Being kind, working hard, adding value to…
Thank you to the many of my kind.


Transformation….my word

So in honor of my little word for this year, I have decided to participate in a 5-Day cleanse. A friend of mine is doing it via facebook, and through we are only in day two, I feel so much better.  At first I thought it would be hard preparing my own meals while prepping the family’s, but to my surprise it’s working well.


I’ll update as the week comes to an end, but it’s nice to finally see some positive results.

Also working a unique schedule has allowed me to still be in the girls classroom and be home with them in the afternoons. Sure there are some weekends, but all in all I am now getting used to it.

Been drawing and creating more and getting the girls involved more too….as I’ve been cleaning and organizing things I came across these old drawings…I love finding old things…in a sense…making them new–transforming!!



And here are some of their creations too…the Birds are Isara’s



And the starfish are Tamra’s


Hope you can find some time to transform your time into creative time!