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Throwback Thursday-Our Tiny Tamra!


Such a tiny sweet little baby. Even now, you have a sensitive caring way about you. Sometimes things tend to set you off emotionally to where you take it to heart. That is who you are Tamra. But you are also coming into your own, learning from the things you see and do; adding strength to your mind and taking chances more often than not. Your imagination flows so keep that going for as long as you can! I miss these quiet simple moments.

Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays-Isara the Activist!


Isara, already supporting causes at Poly. The time just flies by and she is already eleven. ELEVEN! Far cry from 18 month. Sometimes I long for that spirit in her. As she comes into her own these days, I sense her pulling away from me. Not quite sure to admire and smile or wince and back away. At times I feel I am loosing her, and I think of my mom and the rough times we have had….but we always manage to find our way back to each other. Will Isara and I find our way back to each other? YES. I am determined to change my ways, because, let’s face it….it’s the only thing I really have control over. My sweet darling, strong willed Isara. Don’t ever forget I am and forever will be here for you…in your mind and heart. I admire your strength, but I worry about how strong you really are.