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After finding out I was laid off, along with many others on April 3, I was lost. To make things worse, Covid was getting worse. So searching for new jobs was kinda moot. But i set away to do all the right things: figure out unemployment, apply for future medical insurance, etc.

My social media connection increased as it was one of the only ways to connect. Through that, I came upon a support page created on Facebook, made up of former and current employees from where I worked my dream career and perhaps I will work at again one day, at Mindbody.

This page offered comfort as we all supported each other as best we could. Many were laid off and furloughed while others were now having to work three times as hard with more workload, fighting to one day bring us back.

One of the creators of Mindbody, Blake Beltram, started a support meditation group, via zoom, that a few of us joined. It was a chance to meet up twice a week for four weeks, again with other like minded people, who were really part of this greater Mindbody family. The workshop is called Turning Crisis into Transformation, and it was one of the best things for me to be part off. Through his guidance and through the active and honest participation of all who joined, we shared, cried, laughed, and did transform ourselves. When we started, we were all just devastated gasping for understanding. By the end of the four weeks, we each, in our own way, noted the change in our collective spirit. It is quite remarkable and not even sure my words do it justice. As a result, I created a ‘Transformation Manifesto’ of the experience: Words and meditations from Blake, along with the authors/teachers he shared and the words from our group. I wanted a way to remember our journey. And what you see above, is what came out.

Please feel free to print and share and always explore more! Thank you Blake and all the amazing people in the workshop. Love and grow!

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A year from now, I am grateful – let’s imagine, shall we?!

The year is 2021, April 15th. It has been a full year since the Covid 19 pandemic, hit it’s record levels before finally flattening down. So much has changed and I am grateful for a few of them:

-There is a new way the earth seems to be operating-one in which the human race works in pure existence with the planet we live on. We are continuing to learn how we effect the earth and taking great care to keep it whole and alive and thriving.

-The current administration in the U.S. have safeguards in place that keep prevention at the forefront of fighting future pandemics; one that works in conjunction with other nations around the world.

-Businesses are thriving with the workforce steadily growing. More opportunities now exist that allows stay at home parents to earn a living from home, which is slowly becoming the largest workforce in the world.

-I am so very grateful for the many connections forged through the past shelter at home quarantine. The zoom meetings created a connection that spilled over into personal in person ones, making those relationships even more meaning.

Cheers to how much we have moved forward and my hope is to continue this momentum, together as a Human race.

*This post is a prompt taken from a workshop I am currently enrolled in called Turning Crisis into Transformation, by Blake Beltram. It is a zoom workshop that is open to anyone, but became a necessity for me after being laid off from Mindbody with many other amazing and talented Mindbodians. As we struggle to thrive in social distancing, we also had to deal with this hard hit in life. But what I am learning is that, right now, at this very moment, I am ok. I am healthy and I know things will be ok. 🙂

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2014….Transformation…….Happy New Year!

Living in the now……it’s part of my word for the year…Transformation, transform, transformative. Sure things are ever changing. Change is part of life. But I want to make this a year of living in the moment by cherishing the present. That to me is transforming!

Other things will of come into play…a new job, a new schedule, new goals, new dreams.  But the point is really to keep dreaming right. So here is to the dreams, to the highs and lows, the getting through the tough times, to cherishing the simply times……..2014…another year, another chance. Cheers!