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What I am learning from Yoga…..

In my class at The Yoga Center of Morro Bay, last week, our instructor said a little “prayer (not religious)” during our Savasana. Savasana is a pose at the end of the practice where we are still and comfortable and taking all that we have done in, in a lying down position similar to simply sleeping face and body up, towards the ceiling. During our Savasana, she said a little prayer that talked about forgiveness, love and gratitude. And it didn’t hit me till I was in the car driving home, that I burst into tears…tears of joy, of sadness, of dispair, of happiness…and peace.  My emotions came over me in such a swell, that I almost had to pull over to simply let it all out.

After arriving home, getting some things done, I sat down and created simple subway piece that inspired me from that mornings session. I share it here with you now hoping it brings you something to your mind. Do share, pin and print as you wish! I hope to add this to my online shop where it will be printed on special paper, ready to ship and give. Enjoy and Namaste!



The feeling I get after Yoga…BLISS

So I am three weeks into this amazing yoga class I am now taking. But as I was walking out after this past Yoga class, I was quite mindful to notice my reaction to the sun…feeling it’s warmth cover me… feeling of pure happiness…as I couldn’t help but to smile…not a huge one, just a look of content. My body reacted that day with an emotion that could only by compared to the word BLISS. I felt in total BLISS.

I carried this feeling throughout most of the morning. Then as hours went by I felt that feeling slowly being replaced by the lists and to-do’s for that day. And I felt myself missing it. I wanted to carry that feeling and transfer it to my family, to my friends and to the world!

The quest is now how to make that feeling last. How to bring that feeling up at a moments notice. I want that all the time! Yet I know I can’t be doing Yoga all the time…..I still want it. So I ask this of you…how do you find bliss? What is bliss to you? A long run on the beach, tea on a rainy day, diving into a good book….what is bliss to you? Please share as I am in the mood for more bliss! Aren’t you?



Yoga Breathing….

(I brought this post over from my old scrapyoga blog-always good to revisit breathing!)

The Art of Breathing

Did you ever take a moment to study the way you breathe? I did this the other day while practicing my yoga and I was quite literally astonished. More so how I breathed after the session.

During yoga, I was calm, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth….deep long breathes. But then when I started getting into the routine of the day, I noticed how quickly I was breathing…ans it usually coincided with the stress I was having. If I was stressed, my breathing became quick and rapid and almost to a point of holding my breath at times…crazy!!!

So I made a concerted effort to take deep slow breathes…and it was amazing how calming that was. Something so simple could be so easy!!!

In Yoga, breathing is essential and key to a great practice…is what I am learning anyway! Pranayama is what it is called. There are four stages…..

Inhalation (Pruraka)- in through the nose

Pause after inhaling (Abhyantara Kumbhaka)

Exhalation (Rechaka)-out through the mouth

Pause after exhaling (Bahya Kumhaka or empty pause)

I found this information in much more detail here at The ABC’s of Yoga

Try it and read up on it. It really is quite fascinating how important breathing is!! It does really take practice to be conscience of how we are breathing. But the benefits of it are so great! Calming, more oxygen to your brain and body, boosts lymphatic system…….feels great!!

What are you waiting for…

Just breathe

from me to you…

Feel free to pin, print and share!